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Meet Comic J Will

Comic J Will is the ultimate entertainer. Hailing from Detroit, he knew early on that his destiny was to make people laugh. With his irresistible charm and quick wit, it’s no surprise that comedy greats like Chris Rock, Katt Williams, Gary Owens, and Amanda Seales have given him their stamp of approval.

But let’s not forget about all the other hats J Will wears – host of Michigan’s hottest cannabis podcast The Weed Bar, star of feature films Buffed Up (2015) and The Mule (2019), radio personality at a top Hip-Hop/R&B station in Michigan…the list goes on. And if you need further proof of his rising status as an entertainment force to be reckoned with, just check out how often he gets invited onto shows like The Breakfast Club.

As host of The Weed Bar, J Will brings a refreshing dynamic to interviews by getting guests to open up through genuine conversations. He seamlessly blends humor with real talk and has even coaxed some notoriously private stars into revealing their true selves – think Too Short or Babyface Ray.

Speaking of success beyond stand-up comedy: 6 million views for starring roles in two movies? Check! Over 1 million organic views for his latest Funny Media Group-produced special within a year? Double check!

When he isn’t taking followers along for wild rides around Detroit or cracking jokes onstage somewhere else across America, this family man is spending quality time with those closest to him- especially making sure he puts the biggest smile possible on son Rio’s face every chance he gets.

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