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Stand Up

My Latest Movies

Buffed up is an urban comedy centered around three friends going through extreme heights to acquire the Detroit trend Cartier Buffalo Tusk glasses "Buffs"
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A Midwestern city man's plans to score money to buy himself the car of his dreams goes left after his cousin's nutty boyfriend decides to ride along.
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Every year the Perry's, one big crazy ghetto family, celebrates their Christmas holidays. This year, however, brings twists and turns that disrupt the Christmas holidays. In this family drama, will this Christmas strengthen or destroy the Perry family bond?
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A charismatic serial cheater struggles to be faithful in his current relationship and finds himself in a web of lies after meeting a mysterious woman.
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After the government starts a new program, a man decides to start a business signing people up, but after bringing a friend in, it all goes downhill.
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All hell breaks loose after an aspiring rapper is pushed to his breaking point and he’s forced to steal the child support card to pursue his passion.
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